Building Project

What the Lord has trusted us with and how you can help.


Fire ventilation system

As part of our occupation certification process we are in need of a fire vent installation. We are pursuing full compliance as quickly as possible and need money to complete a major safety aspect of the main building.


Kids Classrooms

LifeHouse has a vision for kids’ ministry that is larger than the sum of its parts. As advanced as the building progress for the kids classes and play area is, we are still looking for resourcing as well as hands and feet to paint, plant, teach and reach the next generation.

Grass and Graze 2171.jpg

grass laying

An ongoing project; grass laying on the property is underway and resourced by your purchase of grass seeds and patches.


Front garden

Our septic tank is a no-parking zone for structural reasons and we’d like to plant a large garden there. If you have green fingers, get in touch.

Roof Trusses 0205.jpg

general resources

The building project will progress as funds and materials become available. If you are able to fund or access building materials at special rates, please let us know.