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Discipleship 101 - Part 2

HELP stands of Holistic Equipping Life Process.
It is a series of discipleship courses designed to holistically equip followers of Jesus from entrance into Christian faith to maturity – to live the kind of life God intended. Each course has six teachings: 101 Foundations for Christian Faith, 201 Community & Commitment, 301 Discipleship & Spirituality, 401 Ministry & Gifts, 501 Leadership Training, 601 Evangelism & Missions, 701 Growth into Maturity.

101 Foundations for Christian Faith is an introduction to the essentials of Christian faith. The six teachings lay a firm foundation for relationship with Jesus, giving us the basics of what is needed for life and growth, and to share and explain our faith with good reason. Though the talks are based on the ‘elementary principles’ of Heb 6:1-3, Alexander gives a broad sweep of the Christian Story – God’s Story:

  • God, humans and creation

  • Jesus and the Bible

  • Repentance and Faith

  • Christian initiation and Baptism

  • The Holy Spirit and Laying on of Hands

  • The Resurrection, Judgement and ‘going on to maturity’

Earlier Event: 24 May
Discipleship 101 - Part 1
Later Event: 13 June
Men's Evening