LifeHouse LifeGroups

A LifeGroup is a weekly moment to connect on a social and supper (sometimes) level with people you meet in church on a Sunday. It’s a place to get to know each other and to build into one another’s lives. Find one in your area and sign up to bolster your church-life.


Richard and anita

Witty and casual, deep and caring. Rich and Anita lead their LifeGroup from the Grants’ home in the Olivedale area. A great place to ask questions about the history and vision of LifeHouse Church. A great place to grow friendships and share hearts.


Ian and Sherry

Ian and Sherry are a laugh-a-minute. If ever you thought that a deep relationship with Jesus and a great sense of humour are mutually exclusive, give these lovely people an opportunity to prove you wrong. The joy of the Lord is their strength!


Justin and Minnie

Just take a look at this picture… if you’re intrigued, then you should already give Justin a call. A wild and lovely couple, the Jeffreys host their group in the Chartwell area and will soon have you feeling right at (second) home.


Bruce and Leisha

The further down the list we go, the crazier the hosts become! Bruce and Leisha keep everyone feeling young and alive. If you’re into adventure sports, sky diving, the deep and meaningful heart of the family unit or just plain raucous shenanigans, here’s your one stop family shop.